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Amorning of awakening of spring, with light clouds and glimmering moon, it is an oil painting of a landscape in spring, and the recovery of everything. merce & Trading Co., Ltd. born in this beautiful, mysterious land just liked an old legend! merce & Trading Co., Ltd. is a company specializing in environmentally friendly plastic for 15 years, is an innovational high -developing company. Our business involved areas such as LED lighting, building materials, electrics, paintings and furniture etc. We committed to introduce famous brands from all over th...


A new revolution in the field of LED lighting

Duly authorized BOMANER is SEWON product area general agent in China. This symbolized in the field of LED lighting, many customers on t...


Introduction of RoHS certification

The European parliament and The European council in January 2003 passed The RoHS directive, full name is The Restriction of The useof c...

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Tntroduction of domestic and international famous brands, including the United States, Germany, Japan, Taiwan, South Korea) and so on m...

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